Caution Roadway Hazard Sign

Caution Roadway Hazard Sign


If you’re concerned about hazards on the road, our Caution Roadway Hazard Sign is the perfect solution. We designed this sign to address frequent incidents of machine contact with equipment pods, QDS attachments, and other machinery that has been improperly stored due to space constraints.

In addition, our sign is perfect for low visibility conditions where it can help draw attention to these potential dangers. Our sign can also help you stay alert to poor roadway conditions like potholes that may put your safety at risk.

Order your Caution Roadway Hazard Sign today and stay safe on the road!

Lengths, Widths, Attachments and Sign Colouring can all be altered to suit individual mine site requirements.


  • Attached with stainless hook
  • Diamond grade reflective material

Technical Specifications

  • 1400mm L x 50mm W

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