Blue Cable Hanging Strap

Blue Cable Hanging Strap (Carton of 200)


Our Blue Cable Hanging Straps, designed to meet various cable management standards while providing exceptional cable demarcation.

These straps not only highlight the cables but also minimize your risk of damage from machinery interaction. With our product, you can simplify the task of hanging visibility markers and eliminate the need for additional parts, reducing overall waste. Our cable hanging straps are cost-effective while maintaining highly efficient performance, making them a top choice for any cable management needs.

Our manufacturing process is fully compliant with Australian standards, and in conformance with current NATA specifications, all of our products undergo rigorous quality assurance tests.

Carton contains 200 straps packaged in bags of 50 for convenience.


  • 20cm long high visibility dropper
  • WLL 200kg
  • Available in colours blue, red, yellow, orange and white
  • 6mm S hooks

Technical Specifications

  • Webbing 300mm L x 25mm W

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